I fooled them

A friend recently told me that I am the only woman she knows who ever climbed telephone poles.  I laughed and told her I made history alright, first woman in the area to ascend using old fashioned cleats.

My greatest accomplishment during those days, (1970’s) was not to be the “first woman” but rather to do so successfully.  I remember in my climbing class they told me that “everyone cuts out”.  That is the terminology used to describe the event surrounding the cleat not holding into the wood and could result in a few feet of slipping down the pole to a total fall.  And herein lies my success.  I was determined not to fall and I never did.  The reason, you ask, that I never fell.  Several of my co-workers, all of the male, offered to help remove the splinters from my chest after I had “cut out”.  I made sure I didn’t fall,  I fooled them.

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