The DINGO …..

Here comes a rant and rave…

Imagine your a mom (or dad, any family member actually) and an animal runs up and grabs your very small baby.  Okay ya with me…  Now if you have comfortably or not so comfortably put yourself in this mom’s shoes……

In all your confusion, amazement, devistation, you phone the police.   Because culturally no one believes a DINGO would hurt anyone without provocation, folks start thinking maybe YOU did something to your own child.  Makes me want to vomit already.  An no evidence is found.  (Did anyone really look?)

It’s bad enough that in 1986, six years after the incident, proof was found that indeed the mother was innocent and released from her false imprisonment .  Exactly why is the Australian accent so interesting that we are still making the statement about a “dingo eating my baby” 42 years after it was found out to be untrue.  Have we no compassion and are we so lacking in imagination that we must continually “run the hog’s nose into the ground” as my daddy used to say.

Mrs. Chamberlain,  I say you from my heart, I am so sorry for your loss and for the inability of so many who have been heartless.

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