My 10 year old sleep number bed has been great.  When it looses a little air my back tells me and with a press of a button, NO MORE BACK ACHE>  

Until last night…,NO BED!  Air pumped it air came right back out.  The culprit is a bolt under the air bladder.that sits there uncovered and after ten years made a one inch rip in my air bladder.  

Now this is serious especially since it’s my bed.  Where am I supposed to sleep?  Midnight…are you kidding me.  Well today I described my dilemma to sleep  Twice actually because I could not believe that factory defects are not 100% covered.  Now I am paying $130.00 with shipping to maybe get my bed Saturday or Tuesday  (holiday weekend coming up).  You need to know that factory defects, and two people admitted it is such, are not fully warranted as the years go by.  

This bolt head is rough enough that it naturally tore after years and years.  But why I wonder would the company offer to send me bolt head covers now instead of when they found out that they could be a problem?

I am pissed and need to vent.  Thanks for reading and feel free if you have had a bad experience to let me know?  Maybe we can sue and I can get my $130 bucks back.

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