cuisinart coffee maker flaking inside

Anyone else notice something in their coffee cup that isn’t coffee. After thoroughly removing all the parts of my dcc3000 I finally found where the flakes in my coffee mug are coming from. The reservoir, where the hot coffee sits until it is required for cup filling, has some peeling going on. I noticed it after the drying out process started. Looks like paint peeling off the walls. They will send me another one but what have I been drinking. Any ideas?

Additionally, I noticed that the rubber ring that keeps the metal heating element protected is also rotting away. I don’t think any of this is good for the imbiber so how do I find out what is going on here?  When I tilted the unit around more flakes and coffee poured out of that area.

Not so sure I want their almost free replacement.

Gender VS Sex

It has been troubling me for some time that the use of the word sex rather than gender has and is stimulating unnecessary controversy. I am sure that I am not the only one who thinks this but why aren’t we considering fixing the issue.

Gender definition according to Wikipedia is “Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity”

In other words, what the doctor saw when you were born. Sex, I believe, is what you do with those body parts. However, in society, some of those activities are heavily judged by other human beings. Because of this I feel the need to blog.

If two same gender persons co-habit why is it assumed they are having sex together. Why are we even discussing this. The discrimination here is blaring. Is a male/female couple asked if they are having sex and if they are is anyone denying them rights.

In the past when rights/benefits were few and far between a male who placed the name of his wife as the insurance beneficiary did not have to show a marriage certificate. He went to the hospital with her and did not have to beg to visit her.

This thinking was so pervasive some even made it “common law”. But I digress….

Too bad I have stuff to do today and I need to stop here but maybe I will revisit this later.

To all the possible genders out there I wish you a great day.

Taking a private census – German/AfroAmerican born people Wanted

I am searching for originally born German/Afro Americans who were born between 1945 and 1960.  Remember the census forms don’t have a block to check off for us so I am interested in researching who and where we are and maybe get some of our stories out there to let people know what history has created.  Be in touch if you wanna talk.  Also look at the Jimi Flix facebook page for  Society of Afro Germans living in America and Germany.

Can’t wait to get this party started.

Another date to remember?

I just hate that I don’t remember dates. It used to bother me more because somehow I thought I would forget someone if I didn’t remember their birth date. But now I realize more than ever that maybe not remembering the date when my sister died on December 11 isn’t going to change my memories of her.

That’s all I have left really that I can say is mine and no one can touch them.
Grief is so hideous, it actually made me feel like I am alone. I was choking on a scream and trying to talk at the same time and I said “I feel like I don’t have any sisters”. Abandonment issues come into play. Oh where, oh where is my therapist gone?

I know I do have 4 sisters and as a matter of face I have more now than some people get in their lives. So what is this hideous feeling….

I have always been one to try to stay strong but I am not that right now. Maybe I will change into something new. I hope so. I wait patiently for the day when it doesn’t hurt quite so much.

A Big Suprise

I filled out a survey for the sleep number bed folks and they called me.  The woman who contacted me was very empathetic and in the end offered me a total refund.  Who could ask for anything  more.  Yeah!


My 10 year old sleep number bed has been great.  When it looses a little air my back tells me and with a press of a button, NO MORE BACK ACHE>  

Until last night…,NO BED!  Air pumped it air came right back out.  The culprit is a bolt under the air bladder.that sits there uncovered and after ten years made a one inch rip in my air bladder.  

Now this is serious especially since it’s my bed.  Where am I supposed to sleep?  Midnight…are you kidding me.  Well today I described my dilemma to sleep  Twice actually because I could not believe that factory defects are not 100% covered.  Now I am paying $130.00 with shipping to maybe get my bed Saturday or Tuesday  (holiday weekend coming up).  You need to know that factory defects, and two people admitted it is such, are not fully warranted as the years go by.  

This bolt head is rough enough that it naturally tore after years and years.  But why I wonder would the company offer to send me bolt head covers now instead of when they found out that they could be a problem?

I am pissed and need to vent.  Thanks for reading and feel free if you have had a bad experience to let me know?  Maybe we can sue and I can get my $130 bucks back.


Remember the sexual revolution?  We told them about the “G” spot and how to touch us.  Well….we are a bit older now and things have changed.  Let’s tell em what to do and what we want niw that we are gal’s over 50, 60 and OMG even 70. 

Love to hear what you have to say about sex, good, bad, and not so good experiences you are having or would like to have. 

Time to speak up gals!


The DINGO …..

Here comes a rant and rave…

Imagine your a mom (or dad, any family member actually) and an animal runs up and grabs your very small baby.  Okay ya with me…  Now if you have comfortably or not so comfortably put yourself in this mom’s shoes……

In all your confusion, amazement, devistation, you phone the police.   Because culturally no one believes a DINGO would hurt anyone without provocation, folks start thinking maybe YOU did something to your own child.  Makes me want to vomit already.  An no evidence is found.  (Did anyone really look?)

It’s bad enough that in 1986, six years after the incident, proof was found that indeed the mother was innocent and released from her false imprisonment .  Exactly why is the Australian accent so interesting that we are still making the statement about a “dingo eating my baby” 42 years after it was found out to be untrue.  Have we no compassion and are we so lacking in imagination that we must continually “run the hog’s nose into the ground” as my daddy used to say.

Mrs. Chamberlain,  I say you from my heart, I am so sorry for your loss and for the inability of so many who have been heartless.